Prior To Mounting




At Liberty:


Be able to engage horse with an invite/greeting, respectfully


Walk all the way around the horse, touching (scratching or brushing ) including the rear, legs, tail, both



Disengage the rear end – move the horse away from you-

Or do a send


Request a follow -Draw


Get the horses attention if not focused on you


Give a carrot, apple or other treat gently


Give a treat with a stretch – horse keeps feet still



With Line:

Place a halter or lead around neck with horse lowering head OR offering no resistance (OK to use a stool


and have assist if younger/inexperienced)


On a loose lead – walk straight, turn both directions


walk over something



move horse to side


have horse stand still


walk to back of horse avoiding lifting lead and turning so the horse stays still



Position horse next to log, trailer (or other object) that you might use to mount or to see their back-


Do both sides


Lean on horses back


Learn With Horses 2021

Lisa Gurian