Experience - Animal, Plant and Home Care In Sonoma County

I have been rescuing, caring for and loving critters for over  30 years. I have had cats, dogs, chickens, horses, reptiles and a goat. I have assisted others with the care, rehabilitation and placement of many other species as well. I have worked with my veterinarians, taking training, and as an Emergency Medical Technician and Nurses Aid learned about health and care for sick and injured mammals, recognizing emergencies and taking calm and prompt action. Rescuing wildlife, such as snakes, turtles, fish and birds also lends to my experience. I can do medications, first aid, vitals signs and basic exams.  I can recognize when something isn't right and call an expert for advice.

Me and SpikerMe and Spiker

I have worked with Bird Rescue Center,  Canine Companions for Independence, and Forgotten Felines. I am with familiar with House Rabbit Rescue,  Reptile Rescue and other agencies. I am a volunteer at the Humane Society and member of American Humane and Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods.

My passion for and understanding of our non human animal companions, and wildlife goes back to early age, feeding pigeons and sitting in the trees with a feral cats! I have rescued, spayed or neutered, over 3 dozen abandoned cats on my own. I have rescued/handled everything from snakes, mice & turtles, to rabbits, fish and birds. I've worked with endangered fish and feral horses.

If you run a rescue or rehabilitation facility, for domestic or wild life, I can help if you are short staffed or out of town.

I am an environmental educator with 3 certifications in Natural Resources. I love plants as well, and can provide nurturing care for your garden while you are away. My studies in the esteemed Santa Rosa Junior College Natural Resources Management Program included field work in wildlife,  fish,  watershed and plant ecology. I also hold degrees in Media Communications and Psychology/Sociology. As an expereinced photographer and videographer I can work with you and your animal family to capture just the right image.

Please see my additional services page for other skills you might need. I look forward to talking with you.

707 575 9106   or 707-321-5728      sallyforth@pon.net

Lisa and ConsecoLisa and Conseco