Lisas' Likes - some links

Mia Lekke Nelsons intro video When Horses Choose

Mia is my favorite and I share her beliefs. 3 minutes

Mia’s camp young girls with ponies – in dutch with subtitles – 6 little kids using Cordeo or bitless bridle

May look like no big deal but more to it. Watch for the redirects and communications 8 minutes 14:12

Mias show team – kids show what they have learned – super awesome

First student is 11.

Parelli 7 Games in 4 minutes – one person with horse goes through all 7 exercises.

This is a good demo similar to what I am teaching


Stacy Westfall –

freestyle – no bridle, bareback -professional western style

Here she wins a championship – watch for the flying lead change- dressage moves. Note how often she praises her horse.

starts with a brief dedication to her late father- 6 minutes 53

This is my favorite example of what you can do without tack and with communications

This one is good to show an excellent balanced seat, and the complete partnership and trust between rider Alycia Burton and Goldrush. Having the right breed and temperament for the activities you and the horse choose is so important. You cannot force this.

She also leaves in a short bit with a fall, which is very important because if you work with horses enough it is gong to happen, like in any sport. Knowing how to safely land and move out of the way is key to avoidance a bigger calamity


freestyle on the beach is joy in motion.

I like Alycia’s work with her horse showing many disciplines. 3Min 17

same trainer and horse with small child showing instruction, note the child attempt to post and her bareback seat

she is using a Cordeo and bitless bridle/halter 3.25 – another short video from Mia Lykke Nelson

about her method When Horses Choose


the 7 Games – Pat Parreli

examples with verbal

low res - an hour

start at 4:45 if you want to skip the intro and watch the lessons, she will show them all then go back through slowly

Missy Wryn – also a trainer that I follow. I use her rope halters and reins.


Other people I love in the horse world

watch No Reins No Rules No Limit for an overview