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This page includes previous services for references. Pricing and tasks by individual conversations.

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General cleaning and organizing


Errands and appointments

First aid, and response, and  emergency preparedness skills 

Behavior modification and problem solving consultation

Personalized greeting cards

Assisting you with assessing need and interview techinques for hiring a Nurses Aid,  personal care assistanct or other accessibility and adaptive needs.

719 735 2006  or  707-321-5728                         sallyforth@pon.net 



 I provide conscientious care for plants and animals previously in the Sonoma County CA area and now in Custer County Colorado.  Experienced with rescues and abused animals, domestic and wildlife.  Whether you will be home late or gone for several weeks, I will provide your critters with loving, responsible, timely feeding & water,  clean up their messes, care for your garden, and other house/ranch care needs. If you have a rescue or large animal facility I can assist  when an employee is out sick or on vacation. I know how important it is to change the water for birds, fill the horse  trough when it is hot out!,(or check the heater when it is icy) and make sure your elderly kitty has a warm place to sleep. Every one has their own needs and I will work with you to ensure they will be met while you are not there. Insects, rodents, reptiles, fish, amphibians are all part of the animal kingdom; I can care for their environments as well.

From snakes to goats; turtles, spiders, little piggy friends and of course kits and canines, equines too. I love chickens!Lisa and FriendLisa and Friend

Multiple crittersgeriatrics, medication, turnoutsmanure muckinglitter boxes, dog play and walks, horse grooming, pet photography too!

 Windsor, Healdsburg, Fulton, Sebastopol,  Santa Rosa, Cotati,  Forestville & Russian River Communities, Northern Calistoga Further areas add .50 a mile   

Currently working on appropriate prices for our rural area of Custer County - no sleepovers. Possible boarding of horses, dogs at Shining Mountain Ranch.



Regardless of how many animals there are, or the tasks; if it involves caring for your critters or house, I charge by the time, and if further out in the County, the mileage. 

719 735 2006 or 707-321-5728  or email   sallyforth@pon.net   


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